Emaily a zprávičky od kandidátů, jak je nečekáme

Občas k nám přilítne na email či LI docela humorné zprávy/emaily.

Zpráva z LI od jednoho křesťanského manažera.

Dear Luu Ly

Thank you for connecting with me! You are most definitely one of the most interesting people on LinkedIn! Sarcasm, black humor, wine, breaking rules, Porche 911!!! And you live in Prague! (I love Prague!) And you’re cute! Gorgeous actually! Thanks for helping me smile today and wishing this is a dating site! )))

Best wishes,

Christian manager

Silnější kalibr…

I owe you with an apology. To be absolutely honest, it was your amazingly beautiful eyes that made me accept your invitation. 🙂

I’m not looking for career opportunities at the moment.

Let’s talk about something else. Talk about ourselves. 🙂

I can’t think of anything but meeting with you since I saw your picture. 

Let’s come together and watch movie, have some drinks, a dinner or anything. I’d like dating with you and make love with you. 😉

A první cenu vyhrává tento kandidát s jeho motivačním dopisem.

Dear recruiter, (I don‘t know why I should call you dear! Like I know you! But that‘s is what you are excepting ! ) I am interested in this position as advertised , and I am available to start as soon as needed as I am not employed for the moment. As you will see on my attached resume, I have many years of experience in various domains.

Bla bla bla

It worth to spent same seconds to read my CV, before you delete it or through it in the trash. You will realize that is one of the most honest CV you ever read! So, I hope you will be also an exception and appreciate my honesty. Because the most of you people have IQ of 70 and sometimes below that limit. I guess is an requirement to be an recruiter, like the managers!

In my past I worked in more than 30 jobs. Not only in the bankrupt Greece but also in Germany (the Americans of Europe). In the most of these jobs I received less money as I should and without insurance. So, for your company will be a great deal to hire me as your personal economic slave. I don‘t ask for insurance because I will not have a pension ever! Some money for my rent and my few needs are ok by me! So, I shell myself very cheap!

Best regards (Also I don‘t know why, but is what you are expecting any way!)



Emaily a zprávičky od kandidátů, jak je nečekáme

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